3 Key Benefits of L-Card Pro's Smart Email Signature Feature

3 Key Benefits of L-Card Pro's Smart Email Signature Feature

December 20, 2020

3 Key Benefits of L-Card Pro's Smart Email Signature Feature


Business professionals all around the world send countless emails each and every work day. When it comes down to it, email continues to be the preferred form of communication for everything from prospecting, negotiations, and customer service—to project management and internal collaboration. While some forms of communication come and go, email continues to stand the test of time. 

L-Card Pro's development team recognizes the incredible power of email. The digital business card app's revolutionary "Smart Email Signature" feature transforms each email you send into a business card exchange. Below are 3 of the feature's key benefits!

  1. Your Business Card Is Readily Available To Each Email Recipient: Each time professionals send email messages with L-Card Pro's Smart Email Signature button, their business card is shared. How cool is that? Whether you're sending an email to your exclusive buyer, a hot prospect, or a supply vendor, your business card contact information will be readily available for download—even if recipients have not downloaded L-Card Pro. Not only does the Email Signature Feature make your business card available, it also is quite stylish and adds a subtle, professional, functional touch to all emails.
  2. Linked Business Card Updates in Real Time: The business card you choose to link your Email Signature Button can be easily updated to reflect a new job title, phone number, email address, video message or even a new company. Your business card follows you whereever you go. This is handy for email recipients, as they will always have your most updated contact information at their fingertips. 
  3. Unique Conversation Starter: Since the launch of L-Card Pro's Email Signature Feature, there has been quite a buzz among app users. This simple, yet brilliant tool has grown immensely thanks to positive feedback and interaction amogst users. You never know who may see your Smart Email Signature and take notice—who knows, it may be your next big prospect!


Remember, ALL email recipients can access your electronic business card. If they are L-Card Pro users, they immediately save your card with a single touch—while non-app users will add your card to their general contact list, on any device, in a matter of seconds.

After subscribing to L-Card Pro, you'll have the chance to choose from these awesome buttons for your email signature!


In a world where business professionals need to have their pertinent contact information available at all times, L-Card Pro's Smart Email Signature Feature has proven to be a major step forward.