Handy L-Card Pro Business Card Features You May Not Know About

Handy L-Card Pro Business Card Features You May Not Know About

November 15, 2020

Handy L-Card Pro Business Card Features You May Not Know About



Not only does the L-Card Pro app make it exceptionally easy to stay connected to business associates by using a digital app, it also makes it easier to manage your contacts and network with other professionals seamlessly. We’re here to tell you about all of the other great features that L-Card App has to offer that you may not have discovered yet!


Features That You May Not Know About

Loaded with all of the right CRM Tools and its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning technology, there's plenty more that the L-Card Pro app can offer its users through its many features.


Creation and Designing

The app allows users to create an unlimited number of business cards by using over 80 free business card templates that are available to users to choose from. This makes it easy for the non-designer to create professional looking business cards relatively quickly.

It also allows users to easily edit and make updates to the information stored on the app as well.

L-Card Pro app recognizes over 10 languages from various parts of the world. So if you find yourself at a networking event with professionals who speak languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Danish, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, or Finnish - then the app has you covered in this regard.


Organizing and Managing

The app allows users to stay organized by adding new digital business cards to your database on an as needed basis. One of the app features makes it possible to sort your business cards based on a variety of preferences. For example, if you want to reach people within a certain geographical location or who make up a particular demographic, features within the app allow you to easily do so.


Sharing Information and Staying in Touch

Once you add your contact's information to your contact list, you can easily contact them by calling or texting them on your iPhone or Android device. You can also contact them by email. And since you can now reach your contacts directly using their digital business cards, the L-Card Pro app helps you send follow up emails very quickly. In fact, you can also attach your business card to the emails as well. This additional feature will help people remember you!

Do you need to visit your prospects’ websites? Sure you do. The app also allows you to access each contact’s website directly from their contact information.

If you need to send out a promotional video, an additional L-Card Pro feature is the ability to share videos. Users can send 30 second videos as an attachment when sending out business cards. This feature makes it easy to target specific individuals within their network with information that could generate leads and ultimately increase sales.


Ultimately, L-Card Pro app is more than just a way to sto