How to Create an Email Signature

How to Create an Email Signature

December 20, 2020

How to Create an Email Signature

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to create an email signature that links back to your digital business card.

The best email signature is now here.

Gone are the days of poorly formatted, lackluster-branded, mismatched email signatures. With HiHello’s email signature generator, you can create a free and stunningly professional email signature within seconds. 


You’ll use one of your digital business cards to create your email signature. (Don’t have a HiHello account? Sign up for one for free!) HiHello’s signature generator will pull the information from your business card and will put it into a variety of signature formats for you to choose from. Once you’ve decided on a signature you like, simply copy and paste it into your email provider’s signature settings. (Yes, it’s really that easy!) HiHello email signatures are desktop and mobile-friendly, and will always link back to your digital business card.


To use your virtual business card to create your own email signature, complete the following steps:


How to make an email signature


1. Log in to the HiHello web app and click “Email Signatures”

To create an email signature, log in to the HiHello web app and click Email Signatures

2. Select the card you want to use and pick a signature style

Pick a digital business card and an email signature style

3. Copy your signature

Copy your new email signature

4. Paste it in your email client.

Paste your professional email signature into Gmail, Outlook, and more.

That's it! (Easy, right?) You can create as many or as few signatures as you like—try mixing them up with different cards and different styles and see what suits you best.