Make Entrepreneurs’ Lives Easier with L-Card Pro

Make Entrepreneurs’ Lives Easier with L-Card Pro

October 25, 2020

Make Entrepreneurs’ Lives Easier with L-Card Pro


  Make Entrepreneurs’ Lives Easier with L-Card Pro

With all that a business owner has to be responsible for, collecting, organizing and sorting through business cards shouldn't be one of them. Now with the new L-Card Pro mobile application, that problem can be completely eliminated as entrepreneurs can now use the latest technology to manage this process. L-Card Pro is the 21st-century electronic business card that allows you to use cutting-edge technology such as CRM functionality and OCR card scanning to store, manage and sort through business cards.

Here’s How the L-Card Pro Can Help Entrepreneurs

Making direct contact with large volumes of potential sales prospects is a process that normally takes place at networking events or large conferences.  But there are still other steps that must take place The top priority for entrepreneurs is generating sales leads that evolve into loyal customers. They must make sure they have systems in place that allow them to drum up enough business to keep their sales funnel filled with a significant amount of opportunities.afterwards. The process also requires strategic, follow-up efforts to fulfill quotas. This includes either typing each card into your computer system individually or manually creating a way to manage each of the contacts that you received via the paper business card.

Since L-Card Pro is the new 21st-century electronic business card, you now can use cutting-edge technology that allows you to enter, store and manage business cards in a very easy and systematic way.

How the L-Card Pro Can Save Entrepreneurs Time and Money

The L-Card Pro can save entrepreneurs time and money by not only freeing up their time, but also by eliminating the need to hire extra staff to assist with the process.

To that end, the features that are included with L-Card Pro also make the overall sales process much faster, too.


L-Card Pro by Orangetreeapps is great for entrepreneurs who are challenged with design skills.  It allows them to design and create their own card for free.  They can choose from over 80 professionally pre-designed templates that are ready and available to use on the app.

The electronic business cards can also be shared with others via text messages, social media links, and emails. L-Card Pro also has personal reminders and one touch editing capabilities. It recognizes 12 different languages and can be used on multiple devices.

Need to send a message? L-Card Pro also has video transferring capabilities so that you can communicate with potential customers by sending a video along.

The L-Card Pro is another app that can make your life easier while increasing sales. Don’t wait - Download your app