Make Your Social Network Smart with L-Card Pro App

Make Your Social Network Smart with L-Card Pro App

November 08, 2020

Make Your Social Network Smart with L-Card Pro App



Now that we are living in a digital age, it's very important to stay connected to as many members in your network as possible. Not only so that they can remember who you are but also that they will consider your business when they're in need of products and services that you offer. And there's no better way to do that than to meet your group of contacts where they are - on multiple social media platforms. Now you can make your social network smart with the L-Card Pro app.


How the L-Card Pro Keeps You Socially Connected

L-Card Pro app allows you to streamline your social networking efforts through many of their networking and sharing features.

First of all, you can target various segments and use the app to connect with your social network.


Here's How it Works

The QR code allows business owners to seamlessly network with targeted professionals on their contact list. Its electronic business card sharing allows them to add video clips using videos that are up to 30 seconds long, which can be viewed by all or a segmented group of your contacts. This feature allows the user to share promotional information, reminders about upcoming events, discounts, rewards, trade show and conference updates and other relevant information that members of your network may find useful. But the best part of all is its ability to share this great information on various social media platforms - right at the heart of where you can find most business owners today!

L-Card Pro app is also equipped with features that make it possible for users to share their social media links with members of their network. They can use this opportunity to make their social network smart by posting their information packed L-Cards on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest and a host of other social media platforms.

This basically makes the user's marketing efforts much more streamlined and targeted. This is important as a business owner because of the higher rate of return that this free app can bring. It allows you to reach as many people as possible through the use of this app that can do more than help you organize your contacts – it can help you maximize your overall potential for growth.

Because of these cutting-edge features, L-Card Pro app can also work its way to the editorial calendar used only by serious marketing experts. That’s right – you can now consider the L-Card Pro app as an intricate part of your overall marketing strategy that’s worthy of being included on your company’s editorial calendar!

This app has provided a great solution to problems that the average business owner has faced for years – and that’s getting their information in front of the perfect, targeted audience. But now with the use of L-Card Pro, the OrangeTreeApps team has just provided an effective solution to that problem.