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December 13, 2020

New Custom, Branded QR Codes Link to Vital Business Cards Info for Professionals


When it comes to creating and nurturing business relationships, ensuring all of the correct and updated contact information is in the right place at the right time is always L-Card Business Card QR Codecrucial. Now more than ever, professionals want their phone number, email address, name, title, social media links and website to be easily accessible for all contacts who matter most. So—what if all of this key business card information was available by a simple scan of a versatile, well-branded, custom QR code?

L-Card Pro’s newest feature allows subscribers to seamlessly create custom QR codes that serve as gateways to their digital business cards. These L-Cards include all key contact information and can be easily accessed by ALL people with a smart phone, regardless of whether or not they have downloaded the L-Card Pro application.

New, custom QR codes can be deciphered by ANY card scanning app and can be recognized in less than a second on the iOS “Camera” app. Whether you prefer to add your logo, headshot, or corporate slogan to the center of your QR code, the choice is yours. You’ll also have access to editing the color scheme and call to action! Each custom QR code serves as a great looking, well-branded gateway to your most pertinent contact information.

     Electronic Business Cards Vital Contact Info For Professionals

To create your first custom QR Code in the L-Card Pro web app, simply select a business card under “My Cards” and click the “Create a Custom QR Code” button. Then, upload your logo or an image of your choice, select content & colors, click the “Create QR Code” button—and you’re done!

Digital Business Cards QR Code

In terms of where to best utilize your custom QR Code, the choice is yours. We recommend using it on marketing materials and promotional products like brochures, flyers, sales sheets, mugs and more! The possibilities are truly endless.

We hope all subscribers see value in our newest feature. Let us know what you think!