Are You Qualified ?

Are you a business that is interested in adding metal cards of all sizes and shapes to your current product line up? Have The Card Space help you supply metal products to your customers with great Wholesale prices.

Complete the form and submit your documentation to see if we are a good fit.

  1. You must be a re-seller of promotion and print related products. Not sure if you fit in this category, drop us a line and let's discuss it. 
  2. Please complete the application on our "Apply" page and forward it off to us for review and validating.
  3. We will also need a copy of your current up to date business licence or business articles.
  4. If you are accepted into our Wholesale program, you will be awarded one of our team members as your personal one on one contact.  You will be working with this team member on all your future projects and designs.  
  5. Your personal team member will provide you with our Wholesale pricing.  They will provide pricing guidelines for retail pricing, but ultimately you will be responsible for your own pricing.  
  6. No need to go to through our website for orders, deal directly with your personal support member to save time and money. 

Go to the "Apply" page and lets get you started!!