Compatible with other contact cards


In todays market there are a number of digital business and social media contact cards.  Sharing personal and business information has never been easier.  From physical NFC business cards to those "Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thingy".  No matter what is new and out there you will be able to link our Metal Contact Card to you profile page.  If your current social or business card requires an app to activate it, then it is compatible with our cards.  Every NFC powered device on todays market requires it to be activated using your apple or android phone, this will be done by a generic NFC app ( found in the app store or play store) or the app supplied by your social/business cards supplier.  

 But be aware:

 Even though all our cards are 100% unlocked and can be written to by any NFC program on the market, some social and business cards apps currently will lock an NFC card to their service.   We are currently aware of more than one company that is doing this to their plastic contact cards and sticky plastic circle NFC things ( NOT US!!!  Our "Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thingy" is 100% unlocked and writable).   

If you are wondering if your current service is locking your NFC device, download this app for android or this app for apple . 

Open the app, go to "Other" then go to "Read Memory".  Now tap your NFC device to the back of your phone where the NFC reader is located.  This will be on the top back of an iphone or back middle of android.

This shows you if your current service provider is locking there service to your card.  Locking a card to a profile page is not necessarily a bad thing.  You can still download your profile to our card and use it daily.  You will still be able to update your profile like before.  Our card is just being used to provide a URL to  a webpage containing your profile.  The real downside to locking an NFC card is that you will no longer be able to use our card on one of our partners or any other NFC app.   

Just be informed.....