Lets Get Social

When you want to get social and show the world your latest greatest thing the Hi Hello App is the app for your social activities.  This digital contact card is heavy on social platforms.  It has more than any other digital contact card then we have seen online.  This is the perfect fit for our metal contact cards, ideal for online influencers or anyone that wants to stay in touch.  Not only does it have almost every social app, but you can share music, get paid and watch videos.  It's also a very capable business card.



Network smarter with digital business cards

Stand out from the crowd with digital business cards. Not only are digital business cards better for the environment, they’re also better for your wallet and will help you make a great first impression. 

How does HiHello work?

HiHello’s digital business cards are free and completely customizable. After you sign up on iOS, Android, or the web, you’ll be able to create and personalize your first virtual business card. You can create as many business cards as you’d like, with different information on each card. Make a card for your work contacts, one for clients or customers, and one for your friends

Contactless business cards

HiHello business cards are completely germ-free—no physical contact is required to send or receive a virtual card. Digital business cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere—simply show your QR code, or send the link over email, text, or social media.


Customize your cards

HiHello goes beyond the basic contact information you see on other business card apps. Include your preferred name, pronouns, and any accreditations on your digital business card. Add a picture of yourself so people remember who you are, or add a live photo or video to bring your card to life. Include your social media accounts, a company logo, your Venmo, Yelp page, and more—HiHello is the most customizable business card app in the App Store and on Google Play.


Why HiHello?

Going digital is better for both networking and the environment. Virtual cards are always available when you need them and never run out, so you’ll never need to order more.

HiHello is available for free on iOS, Android, and the web. We also offer business plans, if you're looking to enhance your experience and get your entire team or company on board with digital business cards.