Metal NFC enabled Contact cards

We have the worlds only metal and wood NFC enabled Contact Cards 

NFC is the Future of Business Cards

Now you can instantly share all your social media, contact information, payment, music and websites. All this fits on our business card and can be transferred instantly to any ones phone with a simple "touch"

What is NFC technology?

NFC, or "Near Field Communications", as the name implies, it enables short wave communications between devices.  NFC devices, like our contact cards, can send information to other NFC devices without the need of a power source

72% of people will judge your business by the quality of your business cards?

Don't Be Embarrased

By the fact that you have the latest in NFC enabled technology but it is showcased in a plastic card.  Plastic is for hotel room keys cards not for creating a statement>

Compatible with other NFC cards

Do you have a social or business profile already connected to one of those "plastic" NFC card?.  Its time to stand out in the crowd and link your current profile to our card!! Its easy and can be done through your phone.

How it works

No app required!! 

Just "touch" your card on the phone of the person you want to share your information with and they will instantly receive all your contact information. This includes name, address, phone, email and social media. 

Touch as many people as many times as you want. 

As much or little as you want to share. Its up to you and fully customizable.

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