About The L- Card Pro


About L- Card 

L-Card Pro is the most advanced electronic business card management app on the market. It is loaded with cutting-edge features, including the ultimate Digital Business Card Design Suite, award-winning OCR card scanning, Smart Email Signature, Video Sharing, L-Card Analytics & so much more.

Recognized as one of the top 3 Emerging Mobile Apps for Business at GMASA (Global Mobile App Summit & Awards), L-Card Pro’s popularity is soaring as more and more professionals around the world are trusting the app with all of their business card management needs.



Design Suite


Create beautiful, personalized electronic business cards using L-Card Pro’s state-of-the-art Card Design Suite. This one-of-a-kind software puts you in full control—with popular themes, fonts, colors & formats. The Card Design Suite takes customization to a new level & elevates L-Card Pro far above the competition.

Stunning new card designs and templates are added regularly. Even if you have a favourite background or existing paper card, easily upload and transform it to an L-Card in an instant.

After you choose a desired card template from the provided business categories, enter contact information, add the company logo, image, slogan, and your digital card is ready to be shared endlessly. You can edit your card as often as you like.


Add Social Media links, special messages or company summaries, upload videos and create the most effective personal or corporate digital business cards.

Can’t find the background design you are looking for? The L-Card Designer allows you to use your own, favorite backgrounds for your digital cards. If you like your current paper card design, simply upload a design file and easily convert it to L-Card.


Video Sharing  

Advertise your products and services by adding instant or pre-recorded videos as often as you like. A video alert system will notify your contacts whenever a new clip is received & moves your card to the top of the users’ library. New videos can be uploaded & shared as often as you like. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video streaming sites are also supported.

By adding instant or prerecorded eye-catching videos to your cards helps you create an instant connection with your contacts. You can now deliver the key information about yourself, products or services you offer to your contacts every time your card is shared. L-Card becomes a powerful marketing tool for you. You can upload new videos as often as you like or remove them from the card.

The Play buttons for new videos are tagged in Red (Show Red play icon used in the app) and cards always move up to the top of your contact’s L-Card libraries for easy find and helps promote your brand.

Want to use the video you have posted on video sharing sites? Link it to your L-Card and instantly share it with your contacts.

The videos you share with your business card can be watched by anyone regardless they have the app or not. You can track in real time how many times your card was opened and a video was watched by users with your L-Card Analytics


 Data Integration

Export Cards directly to Salesforce, Google Contacts and Outlook. Generate CSV files for selected cards, groups or entire libraries and upload data into your favourite CRM.

With L-Card Pro’s cutting-edge data integration system, it has never been easier to keep key business contact information perfectly aligned on all of your platforms.

As there is many CRM software available, L-Card Pro lets you generate the industry standard CSV file which will help export data to any desired CRM.


Card Radar 

nstantly exchange L-Cards with an unlimited number of contacts at meetings & other business events.

Exchanging traditional paper cards at large meetings or business events is not an easy task. 

With L-Card Pro’s Card Radar feature you can share your electronic business cards with as many contacts as you like. Simply invite them to accept your card using the app. As soon as your invitation is excepted the digital business cards will be automatically exchanged and be saved in each other’s L-Card app libraries. It is a very streamlined process and you are always guaranteed that your card reaches the desired group of people.

Supports PCE (Permitted Card Exchange).



Locate addresses in Maps and get driving directions to your contacts’ business locations with a single touch.

To ensure the best user experience, the location  icon located on a Quick Connect Bar under each card, or the address link on a Card Detail page will direct you to the same map and direction page you commonly use on your IOS and Android mobile devices.

Every time your contacts change the address in their L-Card app the system automatically updates the addresses on every previously shared card.


E-mail Signature 

The Smart L-Card button email attachment (Patent Pending) enables unlimited business card exchanges by adding your L-Card to your Email signature. This allows your business card to be included in each message you send.

One of the key highlights of L-Card Pro application is an email signature feature which allows you to easily add your "smart" business card icon to your emails in Outlook, Gmail and other email providers. We offer a variety of email button designs you can choose from.

As a recipient of an email with L-Card, you can view the image of the card, watch videos, scan the code with a mobile device using any generic QR code reader to save the card in contacts. The feature also lets you create a new contact profile automatically and save card data in Outlook, Apple and Google Contacts address books.

If you receive a card by email on mobile devices with installed L-Card app, you can open the card directly in the app, store the complete card design and data, quickly exchange your card and custom message with the sender using the PCE (Permitted Card Exchange) tool and enjoy many other cool features offered by the application.

Quick Connect 

Call, Text, or Email your contacts directly from a selected card using the Quick   Connect Buttons.

  With the Quick Connect Buttons located  under each card, you will be able to instantly reach the desired contact in many different ways. You can also print the selected cards or entire libraries on sheets for hard copy needs  using the Printer selection. The Info button lets you open the Card Detail page where you can see the complete card information including the website and Social Media page links.




Add your personal or company L-Card to Contact Pages on websites using the "smart" L-Card buttons.

This feature enables you to share your L-Cards with visitors directly from your website. By scanning your card’s QR code with any generic or the L-Card scanner your card information can be quickly saved in visitors’ contact lists.

It helps you to share your contact information directly with contacts who may be interested in connecting with you in the future and helps your Pull Marketing efforts and quality lead generation. Website visitors can avoid revisiting the site to look for your contact information again.

For your convenience, we offer ready to install Embed HTML Codes for adding L-Cards to your websites.

Supports PCE (Permitted Card Exchange).


Custom QR Code

Create custom QR code designs for your business cards. Print the code on promotional materials for attractive and innovative business card sharing.

L-Card Pro Web App allows you to customize your personal card’s QR Code by selecting the color of the front/back of the code and a border, adding a company logo or the photo in the center of the code. After you design a new code, download the high- resolution file for promo material printing purposes.

When you edit your L-Card, the QR code automatically reflects the most current changes and eliminates the need for reprinting your marketing materials. Saves you lots of money.


Are you a Real Estate agent promoting a property or a Speaker at business events want to share a business card with a large group attendee? Place your code on a yard sign or a screen and endlessly share your contact information. Your L-Card’s code can be scanned by any generic QR code scanner.

Place your customized L-Card QR Code on commercial vehicles or add it to your TV ad for a quick and creative personal or corporate business cards sharing. Track the card performance with your L-Card Analytics.

Supports PCE (Permitted Card Exchange).


Card Listing 

The Card Listing feature allows users to list cards on tablets for business event participants to scan and collect. Great for trade shows & other business events.

Add the custom scrolling headline to the screen advertising your brand at those events. No more need for carrying and sharing paper cards. It is smart, lean and green. Your digital cards can be scanned by any generic QR code readers.

Card Listing feature is also used at the offices for visitors to easily collect digital business cards of the listed employees.

Supports PCE (Permitted Card Exchange).



When you exchange a paper business card, what happens next is anyone’s guess. However, with L-Card Pro’s robust Analytics system, you can monitor who has viewed and saved your card, as well as who has watched your video, exchanged your card—and so much more. Business card data analysis will never be the same.

L-Card Analytics Report gives you the chance to closely monitor the performance of your business cards and promo videos. You can see where and when your card was open and the video was watched. Filter data and generate reports for every major event. You can Export and print reports as often as you like.


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