How It Works

 Why are our cards so great?  Its a simple answer.   They are made from metal,  100% military grade steel.  They are .80mm thick, which is huge compared to .25 mm of a paper and .30mm of a plastic card.  Each card will come with a 25 year warranty so durability isn't even a question.

You card will be 100% unlocked, with no password required.  All you have to do is link your current electronic business card, social media card or that "Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thingy"  via the app that came with your current service or using the NFC code scanner.  

Today, the number of social and digital business cards available on the market is increasing almost daily.  Even though theses digital business and social cards are great in terms of saving money, helping the planet, networking and getting your branding to as many people as possible, they are not at their best when it comes to exchanging information in a person to person environment like trade shows.  In most cases, the app has to be opened in order to share the information.  This can be a little tricky when numerous apps are opened at the same time.  This is why adding your business or social profile to our Metal NFC Cards is the best of both worlds.  Your phone doesn't have to be open to the app, or even on, for you to share all your contact information to a new friend or client.

The absolute best of both worlds

If you don't currently have a social or business profile on another platform, we have partnered with numerous social and business digital card companies.  On the business side, the award winning "Orange Tree Apps" and the "L-Card" will give you the best digital business card available.  This business card can then be transferred to our Metal NFC Contact Card or our Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thingy so you will no longer have to keep your phone on and the business card app open 

If you want to combine your business with your social activities then we have two great digital contact cards that combine them both.  We have partnered with Hi Hello and Elify Shuffle to help you network your business and social life styles.  

Loading profiles from either of these two services is as easy as tapping your Card Space Contact card or Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thing on you phone.  

Please reference the "How to" videos below 


Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thingy