Matte Black NFC Metal Contact Card

Say good bye to the way you were sharing your information.

The Card-Space has the worlds first METAL NFC enabled business card.  Never be without a way to exchange vital information with a potential client.  Our cards have the cutting edge technology of Near Field Technology that can transfer your information directly from our card to a potential clients phone by a simple "touch". 

All this is being done by our elegant design and our silky smooth matte black card.

You want to stand out?

You want to be remembered?

No other NFC card on the market even comes close to what we have!

  • All our cards are made from 100% military grade steel.  Long lasting and extremely durable. 
  • Our cards come standard at .80 mm in thickness.  Compare with paper cards that are typically .25 mm and plastic cards are .30 mm
  • All our cards come with a 25 year warranty.  See if any of the plastics cards give you that kind of warranty.
  • See if any business card manufacturer will give you any warranty!
  • No charging required
  • Unlimited taps and unlimited contacts
  • Update all your vital information instantly, on-the-fly, with using our app or online using any browser.
  • Your information can include social media, contact information like phone, email, text and address.  You can also send payments, share music and web links.
  • All cards are encrypted and secure 
  • Website is SSL secure 
  • Our cards are the same size as a standard business or credit card.
  • Real time analytics. See who has been viewing your card. Providing you instant feedback on your marketing campaigns.
  • Step by step instructions on how to use and how to load your card. 
  • 24/7 online concierge support 
  • Try it for 60 days and if your not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund.
  • All our come 100% open and unlocked, ready to use on with one of our partners platforms or the social platform you are currently on.
  • Video sharing with youtube, vimeo and other online streaming sites are supported
  • Custom QR codes can be added to your cards
  • FREE expedited shipping