Metallic Carbon Fiber


Metallic carbon fiber is one of the most unique business cards we offer.  It is a metal business card with the carbon fiber weave engraved on the metal card.  THIS CARD IS NOT CARBON FIBER.  This opens up a world of customization to your business card.  With typical carbon fiber, you are limited to design choices and options.  With actual carbon fiber you can not do the custom cut through like you can with our metallic carbon fiber.  The card comes in four colors, matte black, rose gold, stainless steel and matte gold. The finish on this card will leave you unforgettable to your clients and each card is a custom made piece of art that will leave a permanent impression.

These cards are a cost effective way of getting clients attention and they do this job very well.  These durable cards are timeless and exciting and will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Each card come individually wrapped in clear plastic to preserve the finish and to add to the WOW factor. 

  • 3.5 x 2" Dimensions 
  • .5 mm in Thickness
  • Free Screen Printed Color 
  • Free Custom Shape 
  • Free Laser Surface Etching 
  • Free Cut through areas

We will help you design the most memorable business card possible.  By adding variable data , like specific text or unique number sequences,  you will have a memorable membership card.

We also provide you the opportunity to add a backing to your card. Choose between 3m adhesive, partial magnetic strip or full magnetic backing.  All this is completely custom made to your order 

Do you have your own artwork? Do you want us to recreate your existing business card?  We are more than capable to do any and all artwork you require.  Or if you have your own artwork, then just send it our way and we will add it to your cards. 

One color, front and back, is standard on each card.  We can add up to 4 individual colors or a complete color screening on your cards to make it really POP!

Unlimited cut outs are also standard on your cards, we can do almost anything with cut outs.  Let you imagination run wild, try it and see what we can come up with.

Its time to step away from normal paper cards and show your clients that you take your business seriously.