Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thingy

Our newest product to enhance your business and social presence.  It's often imitated but never duplicated "Sticky Plastic Circle NFC Thingy".  We are one of the first companies to bring this time saving device to the market. 

They have a 3M sticky portion that can be attached to almost anything.  You can attach them to a phone or a display both at a trade show.  Down load anything you want to help promote you,  your business or a product.  

Made from bubble/epoxy, they have a 35mm diameter (about an inch and a quarter in diameter) but can be custom made to any size.  There are embedded with a NTAG 213 NFC chip at 13.56 Mhz they can be read with any NFC enabled android, apple or NFC reader.

We have both white and black in stock but custom orders for a specific color is available. Custom orders with your logo can be done.  We can also do custom shapes and styles and even at a key chain ring on it.  For your pet, we can add tracking information if required